Why Lyman Ward Military Academy?

Our world can be a complicated place, and as a result family situations can also be complicated. But no matter what our family situation may be, we all want our children to experience a safe, structured and nurturing environment for learning and personal growth. At Lyman Ward, our pristine 300-acre campus offers this space, free from the distractions and temptations found in public and day schools. We provide a significant alternative to schools that may not be meeting a child’s needs. Days are full and structured with time for classes, meals, study, activities, and sports. Through 1:1 attention, students are supported and are fully engaged in fulfilling their potential.


  • Small class sizes and dedicated teachers provide personal instruction for mastering learning skills and developing new ones.

  • Military boarding structure provides an environment for students to learn self discipline and organization.

  • Innovative signature programs provide an opportunity to discover and explore interests.

Perception Shift

We find that many people have misconceptions about who we are and what we do.

5 things we are not:

  1. A reform school.

  2. A boot camp.

  3. A military preparation/recruitment tool.

  4. A court-ordered juvenile detention facility.

  5. A last resort.

Who are we then?

We are the same as any other college prep boarding school…but better. We are an independent boarding school committed to preparing young men of integrity and strength for leadership in college and beyond. Our graduates are proud to be Lyman Ward men. Proud of their achievements. Proud of their success. Proud to be a part of something great.


Because we provide students with the discipline and structure needed for focus, self-reliance, and success. Beyond our strong academic program, our military traditions teach students how to become distinguished citizens and confident leaders.