Lyman Ward Summer Programs 2018


Summer School, (Math or English)

(July 1-28)     $3000

The summer school program is a one (1) credit hour, four (4) week long in class setting, geared towards academic recovery in the core subjects of Math and English. Students will experience rigorous academic class work, daily activities, and supervised evening study hall. They will also familiarize themselves with flag etiquette, and cadet drill and ceremony used during traditional school year.

ESL (English as a Second Language)

(July 1-28)     $3000

The ESL school program is a one (1) credit hour, four (4) week long in class combined with fun activities throughout the summer.  The English portion is designed with school and military in mind.   International students can use this program to lead into the new school year.

Camp Session (1)     Military Leadership Camp     (July 1-7)     $800

Week will consist of military leadership training. Primary focus on survival skills, combative training, and weapons safety. Sessions in military courtesy / customs, and leadership practical exercises. Camp will be hosted on the LWMA Campus but will include field trips to a US Army Base and Lake Martin.

Camp Session (2)     Adventure Camp     (July 8-14)     $800


Focus of camp is all about FUN! White water rafting, zip lining, camping, fishing, and paintball on our beautiful 400 acre campus. Campers will also enjoy visits to Lake Martin and local recreational attractions while they form friendships that will last a lifetime!

Camp Session (3)     STEM Camp     (July 15-21)     $800

Camp will focus on Science-Technology-Engineering-Math! We will ignite your campers desire to learn more about STEM. Campers will fly drones, and program/operate robots. Field trips to local businesses and colleges will allow campers to see STEM programs hard at work in today’s society. Campers will also participate in fun filled activities such as paintball and trips to Lake Martin.

Camp Session (4)     XTreme Camp     (July 22-28)     $800

Campers will have fun facing several extreme challenges this week.  They will complete confidence courses, high line bridge courses, zip lining and white water rafting, along with some outdoor activities, sports and swimming. Campers will also enjoy camping and trips to Lake Martin.

** We reserve the right to change curriculum based on registration minimum requirements.