At Lyman Ward Military Academy we provide a structured private school education at an exceptional value.   Although we are the most affordable military academy, we understand the cost of our tuition plans may exceed a family's financial resources. 

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Tuition loan programs, such as Sallie Mae, assist families in making tuition payments more affordable by providing the funds upfront and spreading the payments over  a longer period of time.  Other progressive lending options could be Your Tuition Solution, and  Most, if not all, are credit-based loans.  Please contact these companies directly for current fees, rates and other details.

Parent Referral Incentive Program

-  LWMA offers a tuition discount of $1,000 ($500 per semester) for each new enrolled boarding student that a current family refers, providing the referring family stays in good standing with the school.

Reach out to family and friends, share your experience, encourage your prospect to contact the Admissions Department and fill out an application.

  • The referral section of the Application must be completed at the time of submission. No retroactive credits will be awarded.

  • If the new family elects to enroll their son and they remain in good standing. the tuition discount will be applied to your final payment of the current school year!

  • This is a ONE TIME tuition discount. It will not roll over into future years, and immediate family members do not qualify for a credit.

  • BONUS- the number of credits a family can receive is 20. That's a $20,000 tuition discount!! GO SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Sallie Mae 

K–12 Family Education Loan  (877) 279-7172

  • For expenses associated with your child’s private kindergarten through grade 12 education

  • Borrow up to 100% of the school-certified cost of your child’s private school kindergarten through grade 12 education.

  • Variable interest rates

Your Tuition Solution

Offers long terms and low monthly payments

  • Plan Rates: (Fall 2018): 3.99% - 24.99% APR based on the amount financed and applicant's credit history

  • Sample Monthly Payments: The monthly payment is only $373 for a $15,500 program with a 6.99% APR over 48 months

  • The monthly payment is only $403 for a $15,500 program with a 10.99% APR over 48 months

  • Plan Amounts: $2,000 - $50,000

  • Plan Terms: 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84 months