As a college preparatory school with a military boarding structure—we do more than prepare young men—we transform lives. One of the most significant benefits of military boarding life is that boys learn to face challenges and work through them. When things are difficult or tedious, they don’t have the option of shutting down or avoiding; instead they tackle them with the focus and discipline to move forward.

Each day at Lyman Ward transforms a boy just a little bit more, leaving him smarter and stronger. Despite a challenging academic program, he rises to meet expectations and push his own learning potential. Outside the classroom, through encouragement from mentors and coaches, he becomes empowered to chart his own course. And eventually, he might just find himself growing into someone he never expected.

To be ready for college and life beyond means much more today than academic preparation; it means preparation for life. Our graduates move on with the skills to lead; with strong abilities in self-discipline, organization, and teamwork; and with the drive to achieve. They have grown, they have transformed into men, and they are truly prepared for success.