First we are a school, then we are a military academy. For our students, the advantage is that we are both. This is because when students apply the structure, organization, and self-discipline of military principles to their academics, they become efficient with their study time, excelling in the quantity and quality of the work they can accomplish.

Our small class sizes and incredibly dedicated faculty contribute to learning environments where teachers are uniquely capable of providing students with individualized attention when they need it most. This has been pivotal in helping boys to identify and establish learning styles that work best for them.

Our teachers go beyond simply instructing and take the time to know their students, working hard to build relationships that encourage boys to achieve their full potential. Grades and progress are monitored closely, making it impossible for a student to fall through the cracks. As a result, students at Lyman Ward experience significant increases in grade point average and graduate fully-prepared for college-level work.