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Annual Fund

Annual Giving Fund

The goal of the Annual Fund is to raise funds to support the cadets and the mission of Lyman Ward Military Academy.


A successful Annual Fund means LWMA can continue to provide the best in Academics, Leadership, and Athletics, structured on a foundation of moral and ethical values developing young men of integrity, competence, and excellence who are prepared for the work of life.

The Annual Fund is an ongoing giving campaign that raises much needed funds for every program of the Academy. Money raised through the Annual Fund enhances our cadets' education and experience while at Lyman Ward.

Annual participation is vital to our sustainability. Every gift no matter the size makes a difference for our cadets. By giving to the Annual Fund, you are making an investment in the education of every cadet. Your gift sends a message that you believe in the purpose and program offered at Lyman Ward Military Academy.

Our Annual Fund goal for 2014-2015 is $175,000. It is vital that we reach our goal for this fiscal year. Foundations, corporations, and major donors base their support on the level of support shown for the school by families, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends.


Lyman Ward relies on the support and involvement of the entire Lyman Ward Community. We seek 100% participation from each of our constituency groups.

  • Board of Trustees
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Parents and Grandparents of Current Cadets
  • Alumni Parents and Grandparents of Alumni
  • Friends, Businesses, Corporations, Foundations  



A yearly gift of $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund provides leadership support to the school. Leadership level gifts are an investment in the Academy's financial security. Your gift, regardless of the amount, is appreciated and makes a significant difference in the life of a Lyman Ward cadet. Giving levels are determined by the total amount of gifts and pledge payments made during the fiscal year, July 1st - June 30th.

Lyman Ward Annual Fund Giving Clubs

$10,000 and Above * FOUNDERS SOCIETY
$5,000 - $9,999 * PRESIDENT'S SOCIETY
$1,000 - $4,999 * HONOR CLUB
Up to $999 RANGERS

* Leadership Level Gifts

Your gift can be designated to any of our Family of Funds.


  • Scholarships - Total or partial tuition assistance
  • Academics - Technology upgrades, library, classroom, and program resource materials
  • Athletics - Purchase and replace equipment and supplies
  • Unrestricted - To be used where it is needed most providing support for immediate operational needs and ongoing improvements to the full program

Ways of Giving


    • Many companies nationwide have matching gift programs. If you or your spouse works for one of these companies, your donation to Lyman Ward Annual Fund could more than double. Please consult your company’s Human Resource Department to secure the appropriate paper work that can be submitted when you send in your payment or pledge commitment. Our Administrative Office will handle the processing. You will be recognized for the value of your gift plus any match.
    • Appreciated property such as stock or real estate can be gifted to the Academy. After the transfer of securities or property is complete, the gift is available for immediate use by the Academy. The securities are sold and the value is credited to the Annual Fund. Your charitable deduction is determined by the fair market value of the asset on the date of the transfer to Lyman Ward. You will receive an acknowledgement from the Academy describing your gift, the value, and the date of receipt for your tax records.

Gifts in honor or memory of someone are a great way of showing your love and appreciation for someone while supporting Lyman Ward. Designate who you wish your gift to be in honor or memory of and include the name and address to whom you wish the acknowledgement sent.

If you wish to give and remain anonymous, your request will be honored.

As you make your plans for your charitable gifts this year, please make Lyman Ward Military Academy a priority. Your contributions will make a significant difference to our cadets immediately and in the years to come.

Thank you for your support of Lyman Ward Military Academy.


 "I would invest my last dollar in boys such as these" - Dr. Lyman Ward

Current Fundraisers
Reasons To Give

"I love the Academy" - David Chambless, Alumnus 1962

"I thoroughly enjoyed my five years as a cadet parent. I saw the wonderful opportunities the Academy gave my son, and I have so many treasured memories. I will always support Lyman Ward Military Academy." - Jill Jones Bonatz, Parent of Alumnus Thomas Bonatz, 2006

"My son, alum of LWMA, is a product of the school's mastery of leading boys to men. After witnessing results considerably beyond my expectations, he has proved to me beyond a doubt that the administration, faculty, and facilities of this institution deserve my enduring gratitude. LWMA gives results. It pleases me to endorse and support LWMA in any and every way I possibly can." - Ruth M. Winston Bellenger, Parent of Alumnus, Norman G. Winston, Jr. 1987

"Having attended LWMA, quite simply, I trust this institution to use the funds to provide items and services with the most value to the school and the students." - Jose' Matienzo, Alumnus 1979

"LWMA offers a values-based, mission-driven, cadet-focused educational experience that is needed now more than ever in our rapidly changing society" - MAJ Jeff Damron, Academic Dean LWMA

"I support LWMA monetarily because I have personally witnessed all the good this institution instills in our young men." - Ellis Houston, Parent of Alumnus Chase Houston, 2011

"We believe that there is a strong need for structure and discipline for boys (girls, too). We would like to see more of the academies as options to public schools where many students are falling through the cracks." - Dee Koob, Parent of Alumnus John Koob 2010

"As an alumnus of LWMA, I can never repay the School for the great gift of learning I received there. But I can certainly keep up the interest I owe, and to continue to show my deep appreciation for what was given me. I don't know where I would have ended up without LWMA in my life, but it certainly wouldn't have been where I am today." - LTC (Ret) Matthew St. Clair, Jr., Alumnus 1964

"I'm still in the regular Army after 28 years as an enlisted soldier, and an officer, with multiple combat tours from the Balkans to South Asia. LWMA provided me with a solid education and a few other elements that you scarcely find in conventional schools: discipline, fellowship, ethics, and leadership. LWMA gave me the foundation and edge to excel as a leader in the Army and in life." - LTC Brian Sweeney, U S Army, Alumnus 1983

"Southern Industrial Institute did more for me than anything else at a time in my life when I had quit school. I received a scholarship to Southern and Dr. Ward and Mrs. Mary took a special interest in me. Because of SII, I went on to college following WWII." - Carter Kyser, Alumnus 1941

"In May of 1960, I graduated from Lyman Ward Military Academy. Attached to my high school diploma was a small business-size card which contained words that I did not fully understand at the time. However, those words have remained in my mind as if it were yesterday: "You have been given a set of tools; you can either use them to build a stepping stone or a stumbling block." Later in life I realized that these "tools" were in fact, a sound education to act as a platform for future educational development and a moral compass by which to navigate the sometimes uncertain paths of life. Both have served me well for over half a century." - Plinio Graziani, Jr. M.B.A., Alumnus 1960

"Lyman Ward provides guidance, true caring, and encouragement in academics and personal development to their cadets and provides hope and encouragement to the cadet's family." - Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gustin, Parents of Current Cadet Jared Gustin

Past Reports
Our Sincere Thanks

LWMA is grateful for the support of those who have generously given to our fund raising efforts. Your donations are helping to support the next generation of students: fortifying their academic and athletic prowess, expanding their leadership capability, and increasing their strength of character. Please use the links at the right to download our past fund raising reports.

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