Academic Recovery

Academic Recovery is a program designed to help new students who are failing, or who have failed the academic year...

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Adventure Camp

Get off the couch and get into the woods!  Lyman Ward Military Academy has a long history of helping boys to...

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Summer School

The Academy's Summer School program is designed to provide thorough academic preparation in order for students to...

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Cadet Success

 Cadet Name:  Cadet Sheveland
Graduation Date:  2015 
University Attending:
Scholarships Awarded:
Scholarships have been awarded
Special Information:  


From Our Parents

Parent Testimonial

"My son has become more responsible for his actions, he has also become more respectful of other people in our family and asks permission to do things instead of impulsivly doing them."


From Our Alumni

Jonas (John) Feeley, Class of 2005
LWMA helps turn young boys today into the real men and leaders of tomorrow. 


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